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Business, office, personnel management

Tests, work ethic, care, rep

Mechanical aptitude, handy, fab, welding,

14+ years professional business web development.
Expert knowledge of Internet languages (XHTML, CSS, XML) and web standards.
Extensive programming and Database design (ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, VB, SQL).
Solid understanding and experience with SEO (search engine optimization) and web marketing.
Actively developing skills in PHP, AJAX, and upcoming technologies.
Extensive multimedia experience; Graphics, animation, video, music production (Photoshop, Premiere, Flash).
Experience with newsfeed syndication, RSS, Podcasting, CMS, Blogging, Forums, Wikis, Ecommerce, Social networking, Web 2.0, and
other web applications.
Very savvy about efficient UI (user interface) design.
Publishing experience, understanding of graphics design for print applications.
IT and Management
23+ years business computer network engineering and management.
18+ years demonstrated business, personnel, and project management.
Broad server administration experience (Windows, Exchange / mail, Novell, IIS / web).
Extensive knowledge of all Microsoft Operating Systems (MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows).
Exceptional system troubleshooting skills from years of hardware, software, OS, and programming experience.
Excellent communication and customer relation skills.
Comfortable and experienced working with people at all levels of an organization.
Proactive, work well without supervision, well-organized, good attention to detail.
Good team player, diplomatic, good sense of humor.
I am driven by a passion for excellence, have an exceptional work ethic, and a spotless reputation for integrity. Everyone I have worked
for has been glad to have me, and I have the references to back it up.

Rand Baldwin is a technology professional with over 20 years of real-world business experience and several industry-recognized certifications, including Microsoft and Novell credentials among others.

Rand is a uniquely qualified Internet professional. Sixteen years ago when he wasn’t out pushing the boundaries in some sort of extreme sport, chances are he was in his studio writing computer programming code, playing with graphics, recording music, or pulling all of that together into a multimedia production. Back then, this all seemed like a very unusual combination of interests for one individual. But as the Internet became popular, Rand was perfectly positioned for web development and has been an expert in the field for over 14 years.

Rand’s forward thinking has produced several pioneer projects. Fresh out of high school in 1983, he developed several custom software programs featuring innovative interfaces with elements that later became industry standards. Through a creative strategy, he successfully marketed them worldwide. In 1996, he developed an online software program for a client that enabled their 1300 employees to access the application over the Internet, saving thousands of dollars in licensing and management costs. Within a few months, this program was getting several thousand hits per month from WebTV users who discovered their Internet appliances could now run software applications over the web.

Rand has been called “McGyver” on a number of occasions, when people have noticed it seems he can fix anything using whatever is at his disposal. That probably comes from a combination of his natural mechanical aptitude and growing up around his dad’s fabrication/machine shop.

Driven by vision, the opportunity to accomplish something innovative, or the chance to improve something, Rand continues to build a reputation everywhere he goes for making things better. He is a proactive initiator. His “can-do” attitude and sense of humor make him enjoyable to work with. He has an exceptional work ethic, and will always go the extra mile to make sure things are done right. He enjoys thinking outside the box and pushing the limits, whether at work or play.

For fun, Rand enjoys motorcycles, sports cars, mountain bikes, skis, jetskis, hiking, exploring, playing catch (especially frisbee or football), power kites, disc golf, geocaching, RC airplanes, swimming, rafting, snorkeling, skydiving, playing drums, walleyball, most sports, working on mechanical things, going to car or bike shows…