iPhone Apps Larger Than 50MB Require WiFi

photoI’m currently working from an office that only has DSL for internet. It’s a frustration to have my work internet be ten times slower than home, but there’s nothing I can do about it for now, so C’est La Vie.

What prompted this post is another frustration thanks to Apple… On the iPhone, they will not allow you to update or download apps larger than 50mb unless you are connected to WiFi. Apple? Please give us the option to override that!

I suppose the point was to prevent people from burning up bandwidth on their data plan. But I have plenty of data to use, and it should be up to me. Especially when I have LTE data and my WiFi is connected to DSL. Do you see the irony there? My LTE is ten times faster than my DSL, yet I am forced to download the largest files over the slowest connection, so it takes forever.



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