What new iPhone feature do you hope for most?

We should be seeing a new iPhone this September. There is an overload of speculation from bloggers and tech writers about what it’s going to look like. I’m not going to participate in that, but I do have hopes for a couple of things. One of my top wishlist items is: Larger screen.

The part that bothers me about the current phone is all the blank space on the front panel. That front face is PRIME real estate! Don’t waste it!

  • Move the huge “home” button off the front face to an edge (middle of the top edge would be convenient for your forefinger).
  • Move the front-facing camera lens and speaker nearer to the top edge.
  • Stretch the screen to fill the new space.
  • Widen the phone just enough to maintain the display’s aspect ratio.

The result: A 40% larger display on the same physical height

What I want:

We shall see. What feature do you want most?

2 responses to “What new iPhone feature do you hope for most?”

  1. Rand Avatar

    Well, so much for the way I wanted it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, they made it a little bit taller. But did they use the available space? No, they made the whole phone bigger.

    If I wasn’t so invested in the IOS platform, I would probably go Android with a Samsung Galaxy SIII or maybe even a Note2.

    Oh well, the iPhone5 is certainly a nice product.

  2. Rand Avatar

    Years later, they finally figured out they needed to go bigger. But they still missed what I was hoping for… Maximize screen without enlarging physical device. Look at the wasted space still on the 2014 iphones. Ugh.

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