Google phone?

Mobile phones are sooooooo much more than phones these days. I love being able to have all the info I need at my fingertips, or the means to look it up on the spot. Or cooler yet, being on a road trip and pulling up a live GPS-powered map that shows your location and being able to get directions or search for nearby restaurants or hotels (with one click access to viewing their web site, or calling them).

Apple has the market majority with the iPhone. I love it, but I’m on the Windows platform for now. I have an HTC Touch Diamond that does all the same cool stuff, and runs my Microsoft Office software suite. Plus I like having an unlocked phone that lets me use whatever provider I want. I’m not stuck with ATT or Verizon.

Oh yeah, I mentioned Google… Yes, now they are entering the market with the G1. Better keep an eye on this baby, as I expect a lot from it. It doesn’t have all the gazillion apps that you can get for the iPhone yet. But just wait, because they are promoting the open source platform and encouraging developers to go to town. Frankly though, it will come with all the useful stuff you really need out of the box, and will be by far the cheapest device of its type (less than the cheapest iPhone).


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  1. Rand Avatar

    Wow, time has flown by since I wrote that post.

    I moved from Windows Mobile to iPhone in early 2009 and haven’t looked back. There is no comparison. The touch interface and the app variety is a million percent better. Winmo is dead as far as I’m concerned and Microsoft will never catch up. They tried Kin and it was a complete failure. Now we’ll see how Windows Phone does.

    Android is greatly successful and still growing like crazy. If Apple doesn’t bring more service providers on board they are going to keep losing customers to Android because a lot of people don’t like AT&T. Before Android, iPhone was king of the smart-phone hill. Now there’s viable competition.

    I still prefer the iPhone because of the selection and reliability of the app store. The Android Marketplace is likely to catch up to the iTunes App Store in numbers, but Apple’s quality control is better, and with over 300,000 choices and continually growing, who cares if another store ends up with more. Any app that’s worth having will end up on both because of the market demand.

    Bottom line, it’s either iPhone or Android for the best smart phone. Which one is best, is simply up to which one you prefer. Just like Mac vs PC. Anyone who makes a blanket statement that one is better than the other is a fool. It depends on what you use it for and what your personal preferences are.

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