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I don’t watch all that many movies or TV shows, so I’m finding enough online to satisfy me. It’s only getting better as new sites and better bandwidth come along. Technology is moving more and more in the direction of delivering entertainment online, so I’m looking forward to seeing this develop. Here are some of the links I’ve come across so far…

TV Shows


More (I haven’t evaluated these thoroughly yet)

If you know of another good online entertainment site, please comment!


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  1. Rand Avatar

    Four years have passed, and here I am again looking at online entertainment in hopes of “cutting the cord” from cable tv.

    The cable tv plan I’m on gives me hundreds of channels. Out of all of those, I have six favorites. If I could buy those six alacart, I would. But no, they know exactly which ones to put into additional packages so they can charge you way too much for a complete package full of all kinds of crap you don’t want just so you can get than one channel you do want.

    Oy, this has been the cable tv paradigm for years.

    So far they have managed to keep things locked up so tight that we still squeal as they pull our short hairs.

    I find it ironic because that mentality keeps forcing people to look for something different.

    Guess what? The something different is getting better and better.

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