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  • Refill Disposable Propane Bottles

    Refill Disposable Propane Bottles

    Tired of paying full price for those little 1lb propane bottles? They are very easy to refill at a fraction of the cost. You just need an adapter to connect it to a larger propane tank. The adapters are readily available at hardware stores and online shopping outlets. I bought one for about $7 on…

  • Mom’s Art

    Mom’s Art


  • Priceless Free Software

    Priceless Free Software

    Here is a list of some of the best free or open-source, cross-platform software I love using. Why pay high prices or recurring subscriptions when there are alternatives that are every bit as good as their expensive commercial counterparts? Many are web-driven and work great on Chromebooks too. Office Graphics Video Editing Music Creation Software…

  • Corvallis


    Some Calendars I watched while living in Corvallis Oregon.

  • Cool Photo Prints

    I’ve enjoyed making wall art from some of my favorite photos. The “Canvas Art” at Cafe Press is really cool. I’ve recently discovered the glass printing at and am looking forward to trying that out. (Try coupon code FRACTVIDEO for a 10% discount.) Any favorites or comments from your experience?

  • NuVinci N360 Variable Speed Bicycle Transmission

    I had been curious about Nuvinci hubs for quite a while. I finally got a chance to ride one, and it is everything I hoped for. No more derailleurs. No more indexed shifting, just a smooth twist for infinitely variable speed drive train. It works amazingly well, and is reliable. The first version (model N170)…

  • 100,000 Stars

    A cool Chrome Experiment (best viewed with the Google Chrome browser) that really shows what can be done with modern web languages – no Flash! Check it out here:

  • Best oil for air-cooled Porsche

    After a lot of research, here’s my conclusion on the best oil for a Porsche 914-4, and most other air cooled flat-tappet engines. It really does make a difference. Brad Penn 20w50, “Penn Grade 1 Racing Oil” or “High Performance Oil,” confirm that it is GREEN in color instead of caramel. Not always easy to find,…

  • Gymkhana

    I love sportscars and racing. Especially when a great-handling car is needed to make it through a curvy course the quickest. So I like autocross, rally, and track racing the best. (That is, tracks with right turns – haha – no offense to Nascar :p ) Gymkhana is an interesting driving sport… Sort of a…

  • Online TV and Movies

    I don’t watch all that many movies or TV shows, so I’m finding enough online to satisfy me. It’s only getting better as new sites and better bandwidth come along. Technology is moving more and more in the direction of delivering entertainment online, so I’m looking forward to seeing this develop. Here are some of…

  • Pandora

    If you are a music lover, you need to check out Pandora. Just visit, sign up with your email address (don’t worry, it’s a safe site), tell it the name of one of your favorite bands or songs, and it starts playing music. It never stops – it’s your own custom radio station that…