I love sportscars and racing. Especially when a great-handling car is needed to make it through a curvy course the quickest. So I like autocross, rally, and track racing the best. (That is, tracks with right turns – haha – no offense to Nascar :p )

Gymkhana is an interesting driving sport… Sort of a fusion between drifting and autocross. I haven’t really been a big fan of drifting, but this hybrid is pretty cool and there’s no arguing it takes serious skill. To see what I mean, watch the video of Ken Block practicing or search for him on Youtube. Guaranteed you’ll be amazed.

Here are a couple other old favorites from Youtube… I found these a couple years ago before I knew what Gymkhana was. Both are super fun cars I would like to build…

Youtube video: Classic Mini Cooper

Youtube video: Lotus 7

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