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Textmate has been the big favorite for Mac programmers. What about Windows? I’ve been using Notepad++ but recently ran across Brackets which looks veeeerry interesting.

Time to take another look and evaluate what’s out there. Dreamweaver is a big name, but I’ve always liked the idea of a lightweight (not to mention free) editor for efficiently working with source code – which is an art I love more than anything with a bunch of WYSIWYG bloat.

I’m evaluating Sublime, as it has been one of the best and I may switch. But I’ll sure be keeping an eye on Brackets as it matures this year.

If you have a favorite editor, I’d be interested in hearing about it and how you would compare it to the ones I have mentioned above (or which of the above is your favorite).


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  1. It depends on the language. Dreamweaver is still the best HTML editor, in my opinion, with all its visual layout tools, code hints, tag cleanup, and formatting features.

    If I’m doing heavy ColdFusion development on the back-end, ColdFusion Builder is the only way to go. Although Eclipse with CFEclipse plugin is pretty good, too.

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot more JavaScript, and I’m pretty disappointed with all the editors there. I’m currently trying out Sublime, but either I don’t have it tweaked right, or it is still lacking some basic things, like code hints for built-ins and syntax error highlighting. If I can get those working, I’d be set.

  2. Old post. Nowadays I use VSCode!

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