Is your website mobile-friendly?

How does your web site look on an iPhone or other mobile device? If your site requires Flash or isn’t usable on a mobile device, you need to do something about that. Mobile is too important, and its usage is only growing exponentially.

Does your site look ok on mobile, but is really just a shrunken-down version? Not good enough. Don’t make people have to pinch zoom in and drag around to read it. The navigation needs to use buttons large enough to easily touch with a fingertip. The information needs to be easily readable, and a simple vertical swipe to scroll should be all it takes to read everything.

Another important point to keep in mind is that people behave differently on mobile vs. their desktop. They may not need all of the same information. They may need different information more prominent. They may want an obvious “call us” button or quick access to a map with driving directions.

It used to be common to detect a phone and redirect to a mobile version of the site. That may still be appropriate, particularly on large sites that really need different content. In most cases nowdays though, using CSS3 media queries to adjust the page to fit the screen is the way to go. One site, same content, magically reformatted to the screen.

Maybe there is still a small percentage of desktops out there with older browsers that don’t support CSS3. But guess what? They don’t need the “progressive enhancement” that might trigger a different version – they’ll just get the desktop site anyway. The devices that do need the alternate version… iPhones, Android phones, iPads, tablets, etc., DO support CSS3.

Don’t lose your mobile audience, embrace them and impress them. It will pay off for you.

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